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SRNS Preschool Program

St. Raphael Nursery School offers an early-childhood program for children who are 3 and 4 years of age, as well as our popular transitional program for older 4's called 4-Plus. At SRNS, we focus on the whole child—spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially—to ensure a positive first-time school experience that puts the child on the right track to a lifetime of learning. Our curriculum follows the Archdiocese of Washington Catholic Schools Academic Standards.

Our vast array of classes allows for flexibile scheduling. The best way to experience SRNS is to schedule a tour, which offers you the opportunity to observe classes in session. We invite you to call Julie Cress at 301-762-2143 to schedule a tour, or you may submit this form for further information.  

Tuition shown is the September-May monthly rate unless otherwise noted. All students must be toilet trained.

Lunch Bunch is included in the 4's and 4-Plus programs. Parents of children in the 3's program have the option of adding Lunch Bunch.

Printable class list


2018-19 Preschool Classes



Child must turn 3 by Dec. 31 of school year

Days of week Time Cost per month
Catholic / non-Catholic
Tue / Thu 9:15-11:45 AM $294 / $310
Mon / Wed / Fri 9:15-11:45 AM $436 / $458
Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri 9:15 AM-2:45 PM $8,990 / $9,990 annually



Child must turn 4 by Dec. 31 of school year

Days of week Time Cost per month
Catholic / non-Catholic
Mon / Wed / Fri 9:15 AM–12:45 PM $503 / $525
Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri 9:15 AM–12:45 PM $830 / $865
Mon / Wed / Fri 9:15 AM–2:45 PM $930 / $972
Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri 9:15 AM–2:45 PM $8,990 / $9,990 annually



Child must turn 4 by March 31 of prior school year

Days of week Time Cost per month
Catholic / non-Catholic
Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri 9:15 AM–12:45 PM $830 / $865
Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri 11:45 AM–2:45 PM $830 / $865
Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri 9:15 AM–2:45 PM $8,990 / $9,990 annually

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Enrichment Program

Enrichment classes are offered as an option to complement your child's morning or afternoon preschool program. Students enrolled in enrichment classes also attend Lunch Bunch (children in the 3's Enrichment eat in their classroom), the fee for which is included in the enrichment class. From Science to Spanish, our enrichment classes not only offer your child additional instruction in various specialties, but also help to extend the school day if your schedule requires. Should you need even more flexibility, Before Care is available as early as 7 a.m. and After Care until 6 p.m.  

Math & Movement

Through games, hands-on activities, and projects, we explore the wonderful world of numbers and the many ways they affect our lives. We find creative techniques for introducing such concepts as sequencing, patterns, and graphs—all while having fun. The excitement continues in the second half of our time together as we encourage movement through games and songs. Sometimes we take the fun outside for a nature walk on the Angel Path or an obstacle course on the playground.


Our goal is to help children experience the joy of finding their own answers to questions about the everyday world. This class is a place to think about the “why” and “how” of it all. Through experiments, nature walks, and art projects, there are many opportunities for children to simply play and spontaneously explore. Science covers a broad spectrum of topics: the Physical World (heat, light, color, wind, sound, magnetism, gravity); the Earth (rocks, sand, air, water); the Cosmos (sun, moon, space exploration, astronauts); Our Bodies/Living Things (plants, animals, growth, change, seasons, the human body); and many professions related to science. This class offers a first exposure to a lifelong interest in science and nature.

Language & Religion

We enhance and broaden literacy and faith through reading poems, the Bible, and nursery rhymes, and through enjoying finger plays and story time. Lessons are accompanied by an art project to enhance fine-motor skills and to encourage following directions. Of course, we move around quite a bit and have fun doing it all!


Fitness & Nutrition

Our little nutritionists learn about where food comes from and how it grows, and even enjoy a monthly tasting party to sample a variety of foods. We base our curriculum on both the traditional food pyramid and its corresponding five food groups, as well as on the USDA's food-guidance initiative called MyPlate. In fitness, we learn about our growing bodies and try our hand at everything from tennis to creative movement and stretching.

Spanish Fiesta

Through songs and games, the children learn basic vocabulary, including numbers, colors, clothing, parts of the body, family, animals, and food. Learning about Hispanic traditions and religious holidays is an integral part of the program.

3's PM Enrichment

The 3-year-old enrichment class is an extension of our morning program. Children may attend from one to five afternoons as desired. Each session begins with lunch, followed by fun on the playground or in the All Purpose Room with friends. After lunch, the session continues with some quiet time to read and/or rest before circle time, which includes stories, fingerplays, and music. Activities are age appropriate, focused on themes and seasonal activities, and incorporate art projects, gross-motor activities, and hands-on exploration. The afternoon complements the learning that occurs in the morning classrooms.


2018-19 Enrichment Classes


Day Time Class Age Fee
(includes Lunch Bunch)
Monday 9:15 AM–12:45 PM Math & Movement 3's, 4's, 4+ $154/month
Monday 11:45 AM–2:45 PM Math & Movement 4's, 4+ $154/month
Monday 11:45 AM–2:45 PM 3’s PM Enrichment 3’s $154/month
Tuesday 9:15 AM–12:45 PM Science 3's, 4's, 4+ $154/month
Tuesday 11:45 AM–2:45 PM Science 4's, 4+ $154/month
Tuesday 11:45 AM–2:45 PM 3’s PM Enrichment 3’s $154/month
Wednesday 9:15 AM–12:45 PM Language & Religion 3's, 4's, 4+ $154/month
Wednesday 11:45 AM–2:45 PM Language & Religion 4's, 4+ $154/month
Wednesday 11:45 AM–2:45 PM 3’s PM Enrichment 3’s $154/month
Thursday 9:15 AM–12:45 PM Fitness & Nutrition 3's, 4's, 4+ $154/month
Thursday 11:45 AM–2:45 PM Fitness & Nutrition 4's, 4+ $154/month
Thursday 11:45 AM–2:45 PM 3’s PM Enrichment 3’s $154/month
Friday 9:15 AM–12:45 PM Spanish Fiesta 3's, 4's, 4+ $154/month
Friday 11:45 AM–2:45 PM Spanish Fiesta 4's, 4+ $154/month
Friday 11:45 AM–2:45 PM 3’s PM Enrichment 3’s $154/month


Tuition Assistance

As the Archdiocese of Washington notes on its website, the ADW works hard to keep Catholic education as affordable as possible. To assist families, several tuition assistance programs are available through the archdiocese and other private organizations.

Additionally, St. Raphael Parish will also consider individual family needs and make tuition grants at the discretion of the pastor. All families requesting tuition assistance from the parish must complete the TADS financial aid form first. Please contact the school office for more information on tuition assistance.

For more information or to schedule a tour, call the school office at 301-762-2143 or submit your request online.