Physical Fitness

Physical fitness and sports are integral to St. Raphael School’s mission of developing the whole child. Participation in athletics facilitates integrity, teamwork, competition, skill development, and fitness, all of which are important for a healthy life.

Students are involved in a variety of extracurricular sports after school that are affiliated with St. Raphael School and independant athletic leagues. Two sports that have significant participation at SRS are basketball (City of Rockville and CYO) and track (City of Rockville). Teams are typically created at the grade level with parent coach volunteers. Staff are able to advise families about student participation in various athletic programs.

Ongoing Registrations
Ongoing Registrations

Ongoing Registrations

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SRS Track 2014 - Our First Team from St. Raphael School on Vimeo.

St. Raphael Track - Spring

The St. Raphael Track Team competes in the City of Rockville Youth Sports League and is open to all athletes ages 6-14. The league is instructional and recreational, so everyone gets an opportunity to participate in all events.

The Track and Field Program teaches the fundamentals and encourages individual contribution and teamwork. The experience consistently bonds the community within and across teams, schools, ages, and abilities. The competitive element facilitates an improvement in mental and physical performance.

Practices and meets are held on weeknights so that weekends are free.

  • Practices begin early April
  • Meets are Wednesday evenings beginning the end of April, with City Conference Finals in late May/early June

Meet events are by division:

  • Bantam (age 6-8): Relays, sprints (50M, 100M), distance (400M, 800M), standing broad jump, soft javelin, and softball throws
  • PeeWee (age 9-10): Relays, sprints (50M, 100M, 200M), distance (400M, 800M), standing broad jump, soft javelin, and softball throws
  • Junior (age 11-12): Relays, sprints (100M, 200M, 400M), distance (800M, 1600M), running long jump, soft javelin, and softball throws
  • Intermediate (age 13-14): Relays, sprints (100M, 200M, 400M), distance (800M, 1600M), running long jump, soft javelin, and shot put

We look forward to your participation and encourage you to recruit friends to join the team as well. Anyone who lives or attends a school in the City of Rockville is eligible. Registration opens in the winter. After you add the course to your cart and select your runner, click on "details" and select St. Raphael team.


Questions: Contact Coach Mike Gregory  

SRS students playing CYO basketball

St. Raphael Basketball - Winter

Grades K-2

  • For boys and girls

  • Organized through the City of Rockville

  • Modified playing rules in effect

  • Parent coaches inform participants about practices and games

  • Typically, there is one practice during the week, starting the beginning of December

  • Games start at the beginning of January

  • Registration is held in the fall

Register for K-2

Inclement Weather: Call the City of Rockville Sports Weather Line at 240-314-5055


Grades 3-12

  • For boys and girls

  • Organized through the Catholic Youth Organization

  • Practices are held twice a week from November through March

  • Games typically begin in January and are held on weekends

  • Teams are grouped by grade: 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8, and continue through high school

  • All students who sign up will play

  • Registration opens in the fall

Register for 3-12

CYO Weather Info

Questions: Contact the CYO Committee


2018-19 CYO Basketball Teams


Registration for boys and girls in grades 9-12 is still open to all St. Raphael parishioners. The fee is $145.

View game schedules

Questions? Contact Francine Krivka of the CYO Board

7/8 Boys - Coach McGlasson
 7/8 Boys - Coach Richbourg

Baum, Isaac

Espinola, Joaquin

Beane, Brendan

Flaherty, Tommy

Drummond, Reed

Healy, Declan

Johns, Richard

James, Michael

McGlasson, Casey

Lising, Sebastian

McGraw, Ryan

Lomatan, Owen

Rascher, Joseph

O'Connor, Timmy

Somefun, Tobi

Rohrer, Douglas


Singleton, Matthew


7/8 Girls - Coach Chongpinitchai
7/8 Girls - Coach Hite

Bove, Juliana

Aguila, Alessandra

Carr, Kat

Alexander, Amara

Donahue, Jillian

Combs, Gabriella

Francois, Tatum

Cornejo, Daniella

Mendez, Abby

Foulkes, Maddie

Mendez, Denise

Hite, Katie

Rose, Maggie

Musalem, Gabriela

Watson, Madeline

Obando, Miranda

Wildermuth, Addie

Zelaya, Sophia


5/6 Boys - Coach Partridge
5/6 Boys - Coach McGraw

Coene, John

Blandino, Isais

Dudley, Grant

Foulkes, Zach

Engel, Lucca

Kaufman, Ryan

Engel, Tyler

Krivka, Jak

Partridge, Andrew

McGraw, Grant

Quesnel, Damien

Pineda, Rene

Raimond, Zack

O'Connor, Patrick

Singleton, Danny

Rose, Michael


5/6 Girls - Coach Nagel
5/6 Girls - Coach Johns

Aguila, Carmen

Colaianni, Victoria

Alexander, Reagan

Johns, Lauren

Beane, Lexie

Kearns, Meredith

Drummond, Gracie

Kent, Tina

Dulcey, Cata

Marshman, Sienna

Flaherty, Kiley

Navabi, Nina

Kimmel, Peyton

Vigilante, Annalen

Nagel, Emma

Wildermuth, Tillie

Ramos, Amanda

Williams, Caitlyn

Risch, Allison

Woofter, Parker

Somefun, Anjola

Wright, Cecilia

Woodward, Caitlin



3/4 Boys - Coach Haardt
3/4 Boys - Coach Mussio

Fiol, Sebastian

Dudley, Kyle

Francois, Holbrook

Hansen, Aidan

Haardt, Liam

Kimmel, Peter

Holm, Matthew

Mussio, Nicholas

Nagel, William

Paik, Grayson

Ortman, John

Risch, Brendan

Tate, Meric

Wildermuth, William

Williams, Brandon



3/4 Girls - Coach Mussio
3/4 Girls - Coach O'Grady

Bennett, Brooke

Browning, Jameson

Coene, Sophia

Brzezinski, Natalia

Ferris, Genny

Clarke, Caroline

Hansen, Clare

deKowzan Natalie

Kimmel, Riley

Donahue, Lauren

Musalam, Mariana

Foulkes, Caroline

Mussio, Alina

Hite, Allison

Tsang, Valerie

John, Sienna

Washko, Grace

O'Grady, Ashlyn


Student with punching bag

SPARK Room: Before-School Fitness, Academic Year

Students in fifth grade and higher are able to arrive before school starts to get a fitness boost by using the elliptical machine, stationary bikes or punching bags.

  • Grades:  5-8
  • Time:  7:30-8 a.m.