The Sponsor-A-Student program helps open the doors of our warm and welcoming school to those families who are held back by financial constraints.



We at St. Raphael School are forever grateful to the many members of our community who were so generous during the construction of the parish Educational Building. At that time, we also heard from those who said they wanted their donation to directly benefit a child, so we introduced Sponsor-A-Student, a program that has assisted several students since its inception in 2011.

Many parish families want their children to be in a Christ-centered classroom, but the unfortunate reality is that some simply cannot afford it. Sponsor-A-Student allows friends of St. Raphael to open the doors of our remarkable school for those who wouldn’t be able to attend on their own. Won’t you consider giving a helping hand to a child right here in your own parish? Your donation of any amount will be eternally appreciated.


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Apadrine-Un-Estudiante (PDF imprimible)

Thank you for making a difference in the life of a parish child!

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