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KidStuff Coupon Books Only $15

For the first time in its 24-year history, you can purchase KidStuff Coupon Books for ONLY $15—that’s a $10 savings. KidStuff Coupon Books is going digital with a new app, so the 2017-18 editions are the last KidStuff books that will ever be available! Most coupons are valid through Dec. 31, 2018. Inventory is limited, so order your books today. 

Use just a few coupons for shopping, activities, and food, and quickly save more than the $15 cost. KidStuff is filled with great deals for all ages. While saving money, you are supporting SRS and SRNS!


1)  Visit the KidStuff Online Store dedicated to SRS/SRNS to buy any KidStuff edition. There you can see coupons for all 30 KidStuff editions. Make sure our school code 1224 appears at checkout!

2)  KidStuff will ship the books directly to you for FREE!

3)  Order by WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, so SRS/SRNS earns 40% of proceeds for books purchased with our school code of 1224.

Questions? Contact:

Angela Mussio (SRS) or Ashley Mendez (SRNS)

Thank you for supporting SRS and SRNS!