Students making sandwiches

Feeding the Hungry

For Community Outreach Day on Wednesday, the Catholic Schools Week Committee is asking our SRS and SRNS students to make 1-2 sandwiches at home Wednesday night and bring them to school Thursday morning for McKenna's Wagon mobile soup kitchen operated by Martha's Table. Below are the guidelines. If you can, snap a photo (landscape preferred) of your children at work, and send your high-resolution jpegs to MJ Zafis-Garcia. The photos are for our social media and yearbook.

Guidelines for sandwiches for McKenna’s Wagon mobile soup kitchen:

•  Use whole-wheat bread

•  Add two pieces of meat (turkey, ham, or roast beef) 

•  Add two pieces of cheese

•  Do not add condiments or toppings

•  Wrap sandwiches individually

•  Label contents (TC, HC, or RBC)